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Audience research in Syria
MiCT, with the assistance of the American University in Beirut, is pleased to announce the publication of a data research project that surveyed for the first time Syrians about their media consumption.
Iraq Crisis: MICT Website Impacts World Media
The Iraq crisis has seen MICT's longest running website, Niqash.org, making an impact on world media.
Study: Financial Sustainabilty For Tanzanian Radio
An MICT study will research ways community radio stations can earn money at home.
Iranian Media Dialogue
MICT will bring five media professionals from Iran to Berlin.
Sports Commentators in North Korea
In November 2013, MICT coordinated a three day workshop in Pyongyang for local sports journalists and sports commentators.
Pocket FM: A Radio Transmitter For Crisis Regions
MICT helps bring micro-transmitters to Syria for independent broadcasting.
New Voices: Syrian Radio Stations Working Together
Since September 2013 MICT has been overseeing the development of Syrnet, short for Syria Radio Network.
Handbook Helps Media Pioneers Gain Business Savvy
How can a free and independent media survive financially in times of political instability? This MICT publication seeks to answer that question.
Media And Audience Research In Afghanistan
As international forces prepare to withdraw, Afghan media are not only concerned about security, they also worry about their finances.
All-Girl Musical Project Sawtuha Well Received Around The World
Recordings made by MICT for the musical and cultural project, Sawtuha, have been extremely well received by international media.
Developing Television In Mali
In May 2013 MICT worked together with ORTM to re-launch Mali’s best known current affairs show, Journal Télévisé.