The landlocked country of Mali, often described as one of the poorest in Africa, became independent from France in 1960. Military dictatorship followed but from 1992 onwards, democratic elections have been held here and Mali has been relatively stable.

However there have also been regular problems in the north of Mali, where the Tuareg people still fight over territorial and cultural rights. No lasting solutions, military or diplomatic, have been found to these issues.

In late 2012 this ongoing conflict worsened and the central Mali government lost control of the north. With help from the French military, the north was reclaimed in 2013, with presidential polls held in August of that year.

Media in Mali: Broadcast media is most important here. Community radio plays a major role with literally hundreds of stations operating in the country and a very strong network of multi-ethnic stations. There is only one major television channel and this is the state-owned ORTM television channel. Print media tends not to be as important as broadcast media in Mali.

MICT started working in Mali in 2013; it is the first country in West Africa the organisation has worked with.