MICT works internationally but is headquartered in the German capital, Berlin. The non-governmental organisation is based in offices in the central city where a roster of international staff members oversee various projects, monitor MICT’s online projects, assist international staff working on-site and perform MICT’s core financial and managerial tasks.

MICT’s offices are able to house a number of different facilities, including a studio for radio production, meeting rooms, project management offices and editorial offices for the multi-lingual editors and journalists working on MICT’s various online platforms.

MICT has also hosted a number of international journalists from countries like Iraq, Egypt, Tunisia and Libya in Berlin, who organised events and conferences as well as took part in short-term internships with major German publications.

As part of its brief, MICT staff members often participate in diplomatic and academic briefings, assist on research and organise, and participate in, events, cultural activities and conferences based on the organisation’s own work.